Those eligible for "Active" membership include:

  1. Commissioners, Superintendents, Chiefs, Directors and Sheriffs having actual supervisory duties and receiving salaries from any legally-constituted state, county, or municipal agency of any political subdivision of governmental jurisdiction of this state having authority to adopt and enforce police regulations under the State Constitution and the laws of the State of Illinois.
  2. Executive Assistants, Executive Heads, Assistant Chiefs, Deputy Chief and Division, District or Bureau commanding officers who have command authority, and this includes legal advisors who are employed full time by such department, when their application is approved by the Chief Executive of the department.
  3. The executive head or commanding officer of Federal law enforcement agencies stationed within this state; and divisional or bureau commanding officers of such departments only when recommended for such membership by their commanding officer.
  4. The chief executive officers of railroad police system which maintain offices within this state, and division or bureau commanding officers of such departments only when approved for membership by the chief executive of these departments.
  5. All applicants for active membership must be recommended by an active member of the Association in good standing.

Those that qualify for "Associate" membership:

Any person not eligible for active membership, but qualified by training and experience in police or other law enforcement activity; or by other professional attainments in police science and administration; or administrator, instructor or staff member of any local, state or federal police training facility or other not-for-profit police service organization shall be eligible for associate membership in the Association. Associate members shall have all the privileges of active membership, except those of holding office and voting.

CIALEE Membership Application (DOCX) (PDF)

Current Members may submit renewal fees with the renewal form below. Life members, those that have been members longer than 2 years and have retired from law enforcement honorably, are not required to pay dues.

2020 CIALEE Renewal Form (DOCX) (PDF)